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Top Ways to Do Micro Weddings: Guest Post

Guest Post: By Tom of Mooncast Films

Although the decision was forced upon us, the sights of Lily Allen, Elaine Welteroth and

Princess Beatrice doing their micro weddings in style, has us thinking we could do this. The

question is how do you do it?

Whether you’re calling it a micro wedding, micromony, intimate wedding or a small gathering,

how do you do plan one and with some panache too?

Let’s take a look at the top ways to do micro weddings here in the UK because obviously travel is off the list too.

First things first, how do you plan a micro wedding?

How to plan a micro wedding:

 -Overall feel of the day:

With the guest list trimmed right back to those you are closest

to, the feel of you day will be much more intimate and relaxed. All those worries about

guests enjoying themselves, liking your choices, having enough of everything and

getting on, are out the window.

Instead, with those you rely on most in the world present, you can focus on yourself,

knowing your loved ones will appreciate and enjoy the day whatever you do.

Without the need to blow tons of money on a huge wedding and the endless options

trimmed down, this is the perfect excuse to do away with any formalities you didn’t really

care for anyway and make the entire day about what you both truly want to include.

With less guests to pay for, you are free to indulge in all the things you both love and


From sumptuous food choices to fine wines, lush florals, brilliant entertainment/

experiences for your guests to enjoy, stunning videography and photography and a more

unusual or plush wedding venue, you have plenty of budget to play with and tons less

personal tastes to take into consideration.

Knowing it is only your squad who will be present, will really free you up to design a day

that is refreshingly unique and personal. Don’t forget wedding planners are still working

so don’t be afraid to get in touch with a wedding planner if that’s something you need.

 What to wear:

If you don’t want to do the whole big dress thing you can go for

something a little more relaxed, such as a gorgeous mini dress like Lily Allen, a more

minimal dress like Elaine Welteroth or a smart trousers and stylish top combo - whatever

you feel matches your newly fashioned small wedding.

With more money in the kitty, your attire is another excuse to indulge – plus you have

the perfect reason because post-corona, you can wear it all over again if you do go for

that post-coronavirus second celebration.

Who to invite:

First of all, remember everyone knows this super small wedding was not

your choice so no one is going to be offended. Secondly, you can have the entire

minimony filmed so everyone can watch it live –or at a later date.

If you want interactive virtual guests, pop a screen into your venue and beat government

quotas with as many virtual guests as you like! You can take the virtual guest thing as far

as you want to, from watching your first dance to giving speeches, eating together (from

a distance) and applauding you as you kiss at the end of your ceremony – the choice is


Once Coronavirus has passed, you can have the biggest, blow-out celebration with

everyone present but right now you have to make some difficult choices.

Location or localized lockdowns may make some of the decisions for you. For some

couples with family nearby, keeping the guest list to family only is the only option, for

others it will be besties only – the choice is yours.

 How long should it last:

Your micro wedding can last as long as you want. The location

of your wedding venue/ venues will obviously dictate some of the timescales but apart

from that you can build the entire day around the itinerary that you want.

If what you really desire is a super small wedding that starts in the late afternoon,

evening or something that’s short and sweet – the choice is yours. With less guests and

fuss, you’ll find the day is shorter than more formal, large occasions but you’ll all be

having a lot more fun

 How many to invite:

The number of guests you have, will ultimately depend on current

government Covid-19 restrictions, but as a rule, you are looking at less than 20 guests

for a micro wedding.

 Top micro wedding ideas:

Wedding florals:

Although you don’t need all the wedding details you might have

originally planned, you can still have lots of them. Use plenty of statement, colorful

florals to create a sense of occasion and add to the celebratory, relaxed and happy vibe.

If Elaine Welteroth can turn the steps outside her house into an event space with

gorgeous, vibrant florals, anything is possible.

Wedding details:

Don’t feel you can’t have things like table centerpieces, showy

installations and wedding favors. Consider this an occasion to indulge rather than cut

back and statement pieces will be key to creating the drama and excitement you need in

your space.

For larger weddings, so many choices are compromises. With your intimate wedding,

you have the funds and backing of your squad to go ahead and indulge in whatever you

want, knowing your squad won’t judge, criticize or be unappreciative. In fact, with those you love present, your wedding details can be a wonderful chance to

add some really personal touches to your wedding.

Table plans:

The focus here is about intimacy and enjoying each other’s company so

traditional, formal seating plans won’t be right for most. Instead, go for the contemporary,

more relaxed approach to seating that was really taking off before coronavirus hit.

Group everyone together around a long table to foster the warm, intimate and relaxed

feel of your micro wedding. Use wedding details like candles, centerpieces and ceiling

décor to add to the genial feel.

Wedding videography and photography:

Whatever the size of your wedding, your wedding videography and photography is always really important. For your micro wedding, your wedding film and photos are more important than ever. With the extra funds you have, you can ensure you get the quality wedding videographer and photographer you really want. Make sure your micro wedding videographer and photographer will provide all the extras you need as part of your package. Things like a USB with all your photos and a luxurious film with top cinematography are absolute essentials you can’t do without.

Top UK micro wedding venues in and around London:

With the question of how to do a micro wedding cleared up, the only thing left to do is to

find your wedding venue. Now, as with all things intimate wedding, you can use funds

you would have spent elsewhere, to choose a wedding venue you really love.

Freed from the constraints of guest numbers and guest’s needs, you’ll be surprised at

how much choice you have. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box because a large,

traditional wedding venue won’t be what you want now.

You may well find yourself looking at spectacular outdoor UK locations, with dramatic

scenery as backdrops to your minimony.

For this reason, your small wedding venue is a good place to start when it comes to your

micro wedding planning because you could end up choosing something that was never

on your radar.

Here are 9 top UK micro wedding venues in and around London:

- The Petersham Hotel, Central London

- Hampton Court House, Surrey

- The George Vaults, Kent

- The Zetter Townhouse, Central London

- Denbies Wine Estate, Surrey

- Oak Farm, Surrey

- Gosfield Hall, Essex

- Hever Castle, Kent

- The Secret Garden, Kent

For stunning wedding videography and photography for your micro wedding in London, Surrey,

Essex or somewhere else in the UK, get in touch with me on: +447772355528 or visit my

website. Tomasz

Article By: Tom of Mooncast Films.

All photos by Mooncast films.



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