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7 Easy Ways to Cheer Up Couples After A Cancelled Wedding

2020 has been a doozy for everyone, engaged couples included. If someone you love had to cancel their wedding in 2020, consider showing them some extra love as they navigate this complicated time. Here are 7 easy ideas for you:

1. Send Flowers!

I got this idea because a group of bridesmaids ordered an arrangement from me to be delivered to a bride on her original wedding date in 2020. They ordered them in her color scheme of white and green. This is such a thoughtful gift and fantastic way to acknowledge the special day, even though it didn’t go as planned. Flowers also have a very calming effect. If the couple is stressed, these can for sure help.

2. Tag them in silly memes or posts related to their situation.

It will let them know that you’re thinking about them, while also giving them a reason to giggle. I’d recommend checking out the @betchesbrides Instagram account for some clever ones.

3. Send them a bottle of champagne and write a little “toast” for them.

These couples have been anticipating special, sentimental time with friends and family ever since they got engaged. So a thoughtful, hand-written toast along with a bottle of bubbly is sure to ease the pain of a cancelled wedding.

4. Record a video compilation of you and anyone else who would have attended the wedding.

You can sing, dance, or just have short spoken messages for the couple. This can be as silly or as serious as you feel is appropriate for the couple. The video will give them a sense of community support, which is something that’s very much lacking this year.

5. Treat them to a meal provided by their wedding caterer if the caterer accommodates small orders.

You can send them a gift card and let them know that they can kick back and have a date night.

6. Check out their gift registry if it’s still posted.

Send them a little gift from it. This will show them that you haven’t forgotten about their wedding and that you still want to celebrate and shower them with love.

7. Support their decisions.

This one’s a biggie. Many couples are under a lot of pressure and need to downsize their weddings significantly. It’s possible that you or someone you love may not be invited to their rescheduled wedding. Don’t take this personally and go out of your way to be supportive and celebratory no matter what the couple decides.



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