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How to Care for Your Wedding Flowers

A florist’s job is to make gorgeous flowers that will last for your whole wedding day. But once the flowers are delivered, a bit of responsibility falls on you to ensure that your flowers are looking their best throughout the day. Here’s what to do:

Bridal Party Bouquets:

Bouquets are typically held for photos and then again for the ceremony. This can mean that the bouquets are without a water source for around three hours. Here’s what you can do:

When you’re planning your wedding flowers, ask your florist for suggestions of flowers that will last out of water. Some flowers, such as hydrangeas, can wilt within 45 minutes in heat without a water source. Roses or ranunculus, for example, will last much longer.

Ask your florist ahead of time if they’ll be providing a vase for your bouquets. Most florists do. When the bouquets are delivered, leave them in their vases up until the moment you need them for photos, so that they’re as hydrated as possible when it’s time to take them out of the water. Also, if it’s hot outside, store them in a cool room, away from windows. A common mistake is thinking that cut flowers benefit from the sun because that’s how planted flowers grow. Nope. Keep your bouquets out of the sun for as long as possible to ensure they’ll remain perky for the rest of your day.

If it’s logistically possible, bring the vases along with you when you’re taking photos. There may be some shots where the bouquets aren’t wanted in the photos. When this happens, don’t make the mistake of setting the entire bouquet horizontally on a table or on the ground. Some flowers are more delicate than others and this can damage them. It’s better to place them in their vase so that they can hydrate for a bit and avoid getting squashed.

Boutonnieres and Corsages:

When your boutonnieres and corsages are delivered, there will most likely be a bit of time

before they need to be worn. During this waiting period, store them in a fridge, away from fruits. This will keep them fresh until you need to wear them. If it’s not possible to refrigerate them, keep them in a cool room.

Word of warning: Weddings are a time for lots and lots of hugs. Just be careful that you’re not crushing your boutonniere or corsage while hugging.

Boom. There you have it. These small actions can make a world of a difference for the life of your wedding flowers. Don’t forget to pass these tips along to your bridesmaids, grooms, groomsmen, mothers, grandmothers, and whoever else may need them the day of your wedding. Cheers!


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