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You've been scrolling Pinterest for wedding flower inspiration...   

-You're thinking about DIYing your flowers, but how do you know they'll look decent?

-How in the world do you know how many flowers to order?

-You want your flowers to be affordable AND gorgeous but are unsure if that's possible.

But you've found that what you want simply isn't in your flower budget.

I get it.

There are all kinds of questions swirling in your mind.


and unsure of where to start


DIY Wedding Flower Academy

crafty, budget-conscious you

Soft bridal bouquet with pink, peach, wh

Take a breather. You no longer have to feel overwhelmed by all of the questions. 

In this online course, you will receive the education, tools, and confidence you need to successfully execute your DIY wedding flowers.

You will have access to dozens of "how to" demo videos, where I'll share not only what flowers to use, but the fundamental principals of how to design with them artfully. In addition, you'll get all of my secrets of how to save money.


You'll feel relieved and excited to do your wedding flowers.

It's easy peasy to get started. Just click the button and join me!

meet the instructor.

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Laurel and Vine

Hi there! I'm Marie. 

I was once a DIY bride myself. Sadly, the process of designing was stressful and my wedding flowers didn't turn out well because I lacked floral education.

Since then, I've become a professional wedding florist and have successfully designed flowers for over 70 weddings.

This experience has allowed me to gain a treasure trove of knowledge that I now want to pass on to YOU so that your DIY wedding flower project can go off without a hitch.


Floral Designer/Instructor

Laurel and Vine

Regina Popova Photography

now accepting students who are...

Planning their weddings.

Looking for ways to save money on their wedding flowers.

Crafty and enjoy learning.

Wanting to feel proud of how gorgeous their wedding flowers are.




to help you succeed

This course is designed with you in mind. Every step of the process is covered: from where to source your flowers to how to safely transport and set them up. I break it down in an easy to understand way to ensure that you can  follow along with ease. The course comes in video and PDF form to accommodate various learning styles.

Rebekah Lemire Photography
Rebekah Lemire Photography

how this works


The first step is to click the button below and enroll in a course. You'll have instant access to all of the materials in the courses.


These courses are comprehensive.


You'll learn how to create bouquets, arch flowers, aisle flowers, sign flowers, elevated centerpieces, boutonnieres, corsages, flower crowns, and a whole bunch more.

I'm not messing around. These courses are a one stop shop for the DIY couple.


When your wedding week rolls around, you'll be so excited to design your flowers because you are PREPARED.


You'll have a flower timeline in place to keep you on track.

You can reference the videos and PDFs as you design.


You're gonna kill it.

There's something for everybody!

3 tiers to choose from:

Premium Personal

Giving back...

10% of sales from all courses are donated to NAACP. Their mission is to secure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights to people of color.

"What if I buy a course but then realize DIY Flowers aren't for me?"

There is a 14 day money-back guarantee on these courses.


If you decide DIY isn't for you, just shoot me an email within 14 days of purchase and I'll refund your money.

I'm confident that DIY Wedding Flower Academy is the ultimate resource for DIY brides. So, I have no problem having a money back guarantee.

"Why pay for a course?

Isn't the point of DIY to save money?"

You will make up for the price of the courses (and more!) by implementing the information that is taught in them.


There are so many mistakes DIY couples make that cost them money. I'll show you how to avoid these mistakes and save hundreds or even thousands on your wedding flowers.

Don't take it from me.

Here's what a past students have said about DIY Wedding Flower Academy.

Juliana C.

"This course is jam packed with good info. I was intimidated to DIY flowers before I found this"


frequently asked questions

How do I know this will work for my wedding?

Multiple styles and techniques are taught in the course, so there's something for every couple. ​​

Where do I get the flowers and materials I need?

I provide plenty of ideas and links as to where to get your flowers and materials.

How much cheaper is it to DIY rather than hire a florist?

In general, it's 80% less expensive to DIY your flowers. 

How far in advance should I take the course?

It's never too early to start learning how to DIY. I recommend 2 months or more before your wedding date to start going through the course. But if you're here at the last minute looking for some guidance, you will absolutely find the course material helpful.

Can I try the course out before buying it?

Yes! Click here for a free course preview.