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5 Steps to Smoothly Postpone your Wedding or Event Due to COVID-19

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

The world has changed in such a short amount of time and we all have been affected by COVID-19 in varying degrees. Many engaged couples and people planning events are being faced with the unfortunate task of postponing their events. I've heard from and spoken with 70+ event professionals in the past 3 weeks about how to best help our clients move forward. Taking all their input into account,

here are my best suggestions to ensure the switch goes as smoothly as possible for you.

1. Reach out to your venue. Often, this will be your largest investment, and you’ll want to check in with them to see which available dates they may have in the future. Remember that many other people are also rescheduling. For a better chance of finding a new date, reach out to them as soon as you know you have to postpone. If possible, try to get at least 8 possible dates from them. Consider Sundays or even weekdays as an option. A smooth transition is more likely with these less popular event days. But don’t officially move your date with them JUST YET. A common mistake people are making is declaring their new date after only talking to their venue.

2. Next, contact all of your vendors and let them know you have to postpone. Give them your list of possible dates and ask about their availability. Some vendors will have weddings or events booked a year or more in advance. Be mindful that your “top choice” date might not work for all of your vendors. Mentally prepare yourself to be flexible here so that you can find a date that works for all of your vendors.

3. Ask your venue and all other vendors if there are any fees associated with rescheduling or if pricing will be affected on the new potential dates.

4. Be mindful that it’s possible not everything in your original plans with your vendors will be available on your future date. Certain flowers or foods may not be in season on your new date. Or your outdoor venue space may look a bit different on your new date. If you’re unsure, ask your vendors what changes they anticipate from the original plan.

5. Once you’ve found a date that works for everyone, ask all of your vendors to update your contract to reflect the new date and any other changes.

I feel for everyone dealing with this inconvenience right now. It’s not easy. It’s okay to be sad about having to postpone. But my hope is that when you are able to have your wedding or event, that celebration will be all the sweeter.

Sending virtual hugs to all.



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