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What's in a Florist's Toolkit?

I never head off to a wedding or event without my toolkit and I like to be over-prepared.

Find out below what is always in my bag of tricks:

-Multiple Pairs of Garden Shears:

These are for any on-site designing I might need to do. But even if I don’t plan for any on-site designing, it never hurts to have these on hand in the case of a “floral emergency.”

-Ribbon Scissors:

These are super sharp scissors that haven’t snipped anything except fabric in their little scissor lives. These are perfect for crisping up any frayed edges on ribbon or any other fabric.

-“Regular” Scissors:

I can’t tell you how many times mother of the brides, maid of honors, random event guests, planners, or photographers have sought me out at the venue to borrow a pair of scissors. I like to think of them as my “hero scissors.” They have saved the day at many-an event.

-Extra Boutonniere Pins:

These get lost and sometimes break. And they have so many uses other than pinning boutonnieres. It never hurts to have extra.

-Packing and Scotch Tape:

Just trust me on this one.


On a windy day I’ve rescued a welcome sign that couldn’t stand up using my twine. Planners have borrowed it to hang photos. It comes in handy at almost every event.

-Extra Ribbon:

Sometimes ribbon gets stained, wet, or frayed. I always carry extra ribbon so that I can swap it out at anytime.

-Oasis U-Glue Dashes:

These are little dots of glue that make adhering anything a quick, mess-free task.

-Garbage Bags:

I try not to over-fill the venue’s garbage cans. I like to pack out as much as possible.


Ya just never know what might need to be wired together. Florists are crafty, remember?

-Florist Tape:

Just in case a last minute boutonniere, corsage, flower crown, or bouquet needs to be whipped up, I’m ready!

-Cold Flower Glue:

This is normally used for corsages, but I have seriously glued a photographer’s shoe together on an event day before. One of my proudest florist moments.


It’s much easier to work quickly if I can keep my most-used tools on my person at all times.

-Extra Vases:

Accidents happen. It’s always good to have an extra vessel to hold your flowers.

-Snacks and Water:

Hauling and setting up large amounts of flowers is exhausting manual labor. It’s important to stay fueled and hydrated. Plus, being the girl with the snacks makes you new friends real quick.



Great readingg your blog post

Marie Krick
Marie Krick
Oct 21, 2021
Replying to

I'm glad you enjoyed! :)

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