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5 Reasons You Need an Event Planner: A Florist's Perspective

There are 2 kinds of events in this world: Ones with planners and ones without. Every event is elevated with a designated professional planner. Below are the 5 reasons I believe that planners are essential to a successful event.


Event planners keep a detailed timeline of the entire event

day. They keep track of where everyone is at all times and what they should be doing. One time at a planner-less wedding, there was a mother of the bride who was planning on DIYing the arch flowers prior to the ceremony. But this was also the time that she was supposed to be getting her hair and makeup done with her daughter. This caused last minute panic and stress on the couple and the mother of the bride. If there had been a planner, they would have caught this mistake in the timeline and made other suggestions in order keep the day running smoothly.


Event planners have worked closely with a lot of different vendors. They know who is reliable and will consistently do an excellent job. You don’t want your guitarist rolling in late and then playing the completely wrong music (#reallifeexperience). Most event vendors are incredible, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Vendor teams are generally much stronger if they’ve been vetted though an event planner.


Planners often take care of the little details such as organizing party favors and placing various décor items. I’ve shown up to planner-less events and seen piles of unopened boxes of décor with no one to set them up. This caused unnecessary stress for everyone involved. All the vendors at your event already have assigned jobs to do and can’t be relied on to do last-minute unplanned work.


Don’t know what to expect to pay for your event? Often planners will offer a package which includes managing your budget. They usually know general pricing for many aspects of an event and can help you to stay within your budget and allocate your funds appropriately. I often hear people are shocked to learn what it takes to put on a fabulous event. But if you have a planner in your corner, they can help you financially plan to have a successful event.


You never know how much time it’s going to take to plan an event until you’re in the middle of it. There’s a reason that “event planner” is even a career. It’s a ton of work to put together an event. Planners brainstorm ideas, answer all of your questions, design floor plans, communicate with vendors, scout out venues, create emergency plan-Bs, and much more! If you have a career AND you’re planning and event, you’re essentially working two jobs from the time you get engaged to your wedding day. Do you want 2 jobs? I didn’t think so.

Do you yourself a favor and invest in an event planner. I’ve never heard anyone say that they regretted hiring a planner. They’re just THAT magical.

*If you live in the Bay Area and are looking for an event planner, just ask me! I’ve worked with some wonderful planners and would be happy to send you in the right direction.*

All photos by Anna Jaye Photo



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