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How to Avoid Disappointment when Buying Flowers

Customers occasionally tell me that they have been “burned” by other florists. They ordered a bouquet online and were disappointed with the results. Here’s how to decrease your chances of experiencing this:

-Buy Direct:

There are multiple large international companies that dominate the flower industry with their order gathering or wire services. These companies do not design the flowers that they sell. They simply pass on your order to a local florist. They’re a middleman who, quite frankly, doesn’t benefit you as the consumer at all. If you order flowers from these websites, the likelihood of being disappointed with your flowers is higher because you don’t know who will ultimately design your arrangement. To avoid this problem, buy directly from a florist of your choosing located in your town. Google “town name + florist.” It’s possible that these large companies will appear in the top of the search results. Scroll down a bit. If a website says something about “working with associates” or “having a network of trusted florists” choose a different one. This could mean that they’re not actually a local florist, even if it says the town name on the website! It can be a little tricky, but worth the extra effort to find your dream florist.

-Look at the portfolio:

Always look at a florist’s portfolio before ordering. You’ll want to make sure that you resonate with their style. If their images on their website look “cookie cutter,” it’s possible that those photos aren’t their work and were provided by a wire service. Try looking on their social media for more photos. You can also browse their google or yelp photos.

-Talk to the florist.

If you’d like something specific, be sure to talk to the florist directly. It’s easier for them to understand what you’d like if they hear your voice. If it’s a gift bouquet, you can tell the florist things that the recipient loves, such as earthy tones, bright tropical flowers, or lots of greenery. These 1-1 conversations help the florist to understand your vision. They also allow you to experience a slice of their customer service before ordering. If you get a bad feeling about them, simply order from someone else.

-Be Kind:

If you’re rude or demeaning to a florist when ordering, they’ll feel anxious and sad when designing for you. Florists are artists and their best work doesn’t blossom from anxiety and sadness. Be kind, and it will be much easier for your florist to do their best work for you.

-Order early:

If you need something specific, order well in advance (a week or more preferably), the florist will have enough time to order specific blooms from their suppliers for you. Pro tip: If you’re ordering flowers for a birthday, anniversary, or holiday, add a reoccurring “order flowers” reminder in your calendar a few weeks before you need the occasion. This will ensure you won’t forget or miss out on the blooms you’d like for next year.

-Buy Designer’s Choice:

If you want beautiful flowers, but don’t care too much about specifics, this is a great way to get the best bouquet from your favorite florist. This allows them creative freedom and communicates trust from you. When florists feel creative and trusted, their work shows it!

-Be Flexible:

Flowers are a seasonal, perishable product. Everything you see in a photo isn’t available to every florist at any given moment. Expect substitutions if ordering online and be pleasantly surprised if all of the varieties you wanted are available.

The floral design industry is filled with truly wonderful, heart-centered people who joyfully create bouquets for you. The bottom line is to intentionally find those wonderful people and make room for them to do their best work.

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