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8 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for your First Married Holiday Season Together (2022)

You tied the knot this year, and now the holidays are just around the corner. You want to get your spouse something special, but you don't want useless junk laying around the house. Not to worry! Here are a few ideas of thoughtful gifts to get your wheels turning:

1. A New Tradition:

One of the best parts of getting hitched is that you get to create your own family traditions. Get your new spouse tickets to a holiday concert, plan a date to find the perfect tree, watch a new holiday movie with your favorite snacks, or start a holiday-themed game night. Plan it all out intentionally. Let them know it will be the first of many.

2. Handmade or Custom Ornaments:

Here are some personalized ideas of what to put on the ornament:

-A wedding or honeymoon photo.

-A few words from your wedding vows.

-The date of your wedding.

- “Our First _______” Fill in the blank with the holiday that you celebrate.

-An inside joke from your wedding day.

-Your last name (if you share one.)

3. Bouquet Preservation:

Have the bridal bouquet preserved or have an artwork made that resembles the bouquet. Soil and Soul has a DIY kit for you to preserve your own wedding flowers into a ring holder.

4. Wedding Photo Painting:

Find a local artist or etsy artist to custom paint a portrait from your wedding day. This is something that will hang in your home forever and your new spouse will always remember this sweet gift.

5. Original Poem:

Who doesn’t like a little poetry, am I right? Write a poem to your love about your wedding day or what your married life has been like so far. Be sure to include any silly or meaningful memories you’ve made as a married couple. If you’re not the poetry writing type, you can hire someone on Fiverr to write one for you! Easy-peasy.

6. A New Pet:

If your spouse is an animal lover, why not grow your little family this holiday season by getting them their dream pet?

7. A Customized Calendar with a Year of Dates:

Elderly married couples urge young married couples to continue dating and pursuing one another long after they say, “I do.” Why not start the new year off right with one date planned for every month of the upcoming year? Order a customized calendar complete with pictures from your wedding day. Snap Fish makes this super easy and usually has big sales around the holidays. Before you wrap it, pencil in all of the dates you have planned for each month of the upcoming year. Plan fun, thoughtful dates that will create unique memories for the new year. It will give you both something to look forward to all year long.

8. A Plant:

If you have a yard, get your spouse a tree. If you don’t, you can get them their favorite kind of house plant. They can watch it grow and be reminded of your first year of marriage for years to come. Bonus points if you’re the one who regularly waters it!



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