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10 Ways to Know If You're a Laurel and Vine Bride

1. You enjoy nature and crave the outdoors. You go a bit crazy if you’re in front of a computer or TV for too long.

2. Flowers are important to you on your wedding day. You envision them elevating the entire wedding experience.

3. You find yourself showing kindness left and right to your family, friends, and strangers alike. What can you say? You just can’t help but be a nice person. It's in your bones.

4. You appreciate art. It moves you in ways you can’t quite describe.

5. You want a fun, carefree, but STUNNING wedding.

6. The Bay Area has a place in your heart and you want to showcase it on your big day.

7. You cannot WAIT to spend the rest of your life with your fiancé!

8. You enjoy sentimental details, such as your grandma’s broche pinned to the stems of your bridal bouquet.

9. You’re a busy working professional who takes care of BUSINESS. You get stuff done! And you try your best not to waste your time with things you don’t enjoy doing.

10. You are genuinely excited for your wedding day and expect it to be the best day of your life!

Do a few of these sound like you? Yes? Well, nice to meet you! I'm your wedding florist. Let's do this thing! Click to start a conversation about your wedding flowers.


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