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How to Level Up Your Thanksgiving Tablescape

Drawing a blank on how to kick your thanksgiving centerpiece up a notch? Here are 5 ways to instantly elevate your tablescape.

A festive runner or tablecloth.

A table runner or tablecloth is a super easy way to make occasion seem more special and set your feast apart from other meals. Bonus points for color!

Varying heights, colors, and kinds of candles.

If everything is the same height in a tablescape it can look flat and uninteresting. Try incorporating some pillar candles, taper candles, and votive candles for some extra glow. Varying candle holders and containers can also add more interest.

Fresh fruit

Thanksgiving is the time to celebrate harvest and abundance. Fruit lying amidst the centerpiece tells a story of overflow and is always a fun element to include in your centerpiece.

Fall leaves

This one is such a classic. Get some fall leaves from your backyard, local flower wholesaler, or grocery store. Lay them at the base of your tablescape. When they weave between the other elements of the tablescape, they act as a glue that ties the entire display together.

Bud vase flower arrangements

These can be created using small bits of greenery, fall leaves, and fall colored flowers. Fresh flowers will bring your table to life and draw the eye into the centerpiece.

Try one or all of these ideas for yourself and let me know how it turns out. I'd love to see your creations.



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