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4 Things to Consider When Talking “Colors” with Your Wedding Florist

Burgundy, Peach, Red, and Blush wedding bouquets. A bride and her bridesmaids.
Photo by Elizabeth Nwansi Photography

“What are your wedding colors?” If you’re a newly engaged couple, you’ve likely been asked this question a few billion times. Although picking the colors for your big day can be a daunting task, it’s smart to decide on this early. Colors affect multiple areas of the wedding planning process, such as flowers.

Here are four things to consider when talking to your wedding florist about colors:

1. Ask your florist their opinion of your wedding colors. Couples aren’t always aware of all their options. Florists are experts of the color wheel and are usually happy to offer suggestions to make your wedding flowers AGAP (As Gorgeous As Possible).

2. Choose multiple shades of your wedding colors. Sometimes couples get stuck on one very specific shade of a color, such as “blush.” They even go so far as to give swatches of bridesmaid dresses to show the EXACT shade they want. The intent is to achieve a cohesive look. But let’s not limit ourselves to the belief that every flower in a bouquet needs to match the dresses precisely. Many florists agree that including only one shade of a color can make a bouquet appear flat or uninteresting. Various shades of one color (such as blush, dusty pink, salmon, coral, or fuchsia) allow the flowers to POP and create depth in a design.

Bay Area floral designer with blush and pink dahlias
Photo by Michelle Westling Photography

3. Not every flower variety is available in every color. What can I say? Mother nature is the boss. Be sure to ask your florist what flower varieties they’d suggest for your color palette. They most likely will have some ideas that you might not have thought of on your own. Thinking of dyed flowers? Just be aware that not every florist “does” dyed flowers. (Like Laurel and Vine for example!) If you want flowers dyed to an exact hue for your wedding day, be sure to ask your florist upfront if they offer this. If they don’t, they may be able to refer you to a florist who better fits your needs.

4. Don’t stress! This is my most important piece of advice for you. If you’ve chosen a florist that you love and trust, rest easy in the knowledge that they will deliver stunning arrangements on your wedding day.

Happy planning!


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